Concrete Repairs

Concrete Floor Repairs and Crack Sealing


Concrete repairs are very common today. Prior to applying any resin flooring system, it is always necessary to first carry out repairs to any visible damage or cracks in the concrete floor surface, otherwise they will be reflected through the new resin floor finish and become even more visible.

pour joint

The nature (i.e. moving or non-moving) and the cause of any cracks or damaged joints and joint arrises in the concrete floor must also be considered and treated appropriately to ensure there will be no contamination or adverse future cracking of the resin floor system.


Repairs to Concrete Floor Surface Defects and Damage


Repairs can be required to surface damage in concrete floors for many different reasons including defects in the original concreting work, i.e. honeycombing, voids, unsuitable aggregates such as ‘mudstone’ pop-outs, inadequate surface finishing or curing, etc. Damage to concrete floor surfaces can also be caused by impact, wear, abrasion or chemical exposure and attack during service.






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