Epoxy Vapor Mitigation


What is Moisture Vapor Transmission?


Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) is the movement of water vapor from "high to low" concentrations as it attempts to reach equilibrium within its overall environment. When vapor pressure in concrete is higher than the vapor pressure in the atmosphere, water or water vapor will attempt to migrate to the surface. Moisture migrates to the top surface of the concrete through capillaries within the concrete matrix. Once it reaches the surface it will begin to wreak havoc on your flooring products and ultimately lead to a failure.


Solutions to solve high moisture vapor transmission


Epoxy Mitigating Coatings - An economical, 100% solids, alkali-resistant epoxy primer that provides superior protection over concrete surfaces with low to moderate moisture vapor transmission challenges.

epoxy mitigation

Urethane Mortars - Concrete and urethane resin based flooring systems rated for high moisture pressure. Other coating systems can be place over it.

Urethane Mortar